Happy 50th Adam!

25 March 2017

After a fantastic morning yesterday at the Fornet we were hoping for more of the same today, but we were undermined by violent winds. The wind speed at 7AM on the summit of Bellevarde was recorded at 233km/h, and if that’s not violent I don’t know what is! Chris and Andreas bussed up to the Fornet hoping for the best but had to turn around as the entire sector was closed. The news was all doom and gloom so two of my clients decided to try their luck tomorrow instead so I ended up doing two-and-a-half- hours of technique on-piste with Sylvie, which would be more beneficial to her in the long run. Chris and Andreas arrived thinking they were stuck but surprisingly Tommeuses opened so they both headed off to Tignes in search of some ski-able off piste. I haven’t heard from them but it wasn’t the easiest of morning and bravo to both of them for having a go!

In the end it wasn’t nearly as bad as everyone thought and it was good to see Philip and Tash out enjoying themselves with their two tiny children. Much more opened up than we were lead to believe at the Gourmandine first thing and although it is pretty windy out there the visibility is decent in places and I’m sure there is some good skiing going on somewhere.

Don’t forget the clocks change tonight and you get one hour less sleep, which is seriously bad news for party-people! And it’s Adam F’s 50th birthday today and we all wish him the very best. Life begins at 60 Adam so you’re still a bit of a kid but what a bummer your big night coincides with a time change!

More snow is forecast for this afternoon and through the night and with the east wind blowing the Fornet should be receiving some serious snow. Stay tuned!

PS Just heard from Andreas and they finished up at noon, which is a pretty good effort! They found some snow blown into some gullies and made the most of it. Chris seems to be still out there!

PPS I just had a lovely FaceTime chat with Katie for about 20-minutes while Millie is out playing nine-holes of golf. It’s going to be great having the girls here and it won’t be long now. And on the family front Andreas is going to Albertville tonight as Ness has a singing concert.

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