Bordering on too much snow!!!!!

26 March 2017

It snowed bucket-loads yesterday afternoon and through the night and there was 44cm’s in the Tignes village this morning, which means with the easterly winds there must be between one and two metres of snow up on the Pisaillas Glacier! I knew we were in for a slow opening when the first blasts came around 8AM, which I must say is pretty slack. (Andreas said he could hear blasting from Ste Foy and La Rossiere around 6AM.) Anyway, we got underway around 10 o’clock and it’s very rare to say that there was too much snow! For the first and only time all season I thought to myself that I should have borrowed some 88’s from Jean Sports! It was great fun but really hard work this morning. (See photos)

I was a little worried about scratching around in flat-light today but the sun came out almost immediately and we had a wonderful day with deep, deep snow and bonus sunshine. We skied a great run on the piste back to the Funival, followed by three or four on Bonnevie’s Drag. At this stage it was evident that we needed to get higher so we had a good run under the Mont Blanc chair en-route to Tommeuses and then a cracking Campanules into Tignes. The Motte still looked closed and just as we were about to head back to Val d’Isere they opened the Funicular and we were on the first train heading up into colder snow. It was excellent skiing but even at that altitude we needed the steepest slopes to get a good flow going and the best pitch of the day was in the Combe des Lanches where it had purged itself and the snow wasn’t quite so deep. (We cut out after the first pitch because the rest wasn’t steep enough and it would have taken forever walking out in knee-deep snow!)

It was just Andreas and I working today and with 4/5 avalanche risk we needed to be very careful and skied off-piste on-piste all morning long. The only two steep slopes I skied well off-piste were the Campanules and the Combe des Lanches, and both had already been purged making them safe options.

We need a cold night tonight to dry out and lighten up the snow and a sunny day is forecast for tomorrow. Stay tuned!

PS I ran into John E this morning and he’s come back for a week on his own. It’s nice to see the Jane Seaford has hooked up with Jean R, John E and the rest of the team and they’ve a good bunch of ‘snow-sniffers’ amongst them!

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