What a difference a day makes!

28 March 2017

After a tricky day yesterday we were expecting better skiing today but nobody envisioned just how good it was going to be! I really didn’t expect for the big slopes to have transformed to spring yet and we were all of the opinion that it would take another day of heat but Henry suggested a ‘test’ off the Super Santons and agreeing that was a good idea we headed off to test the waters. The Super Santons itself was a good adventure and it was evident that the southern spring slopes were ready so we circled back around and skied the Jardin du Borsat Sud en-route to a stunning Tour du Charvet above the Mont Blanc Couloir. From there we skied the L before having a coffee at the top of Solaise while waiting for the Cugnai to soften up and we ended up hitting the Cugnai perfectly before finishing with another run down the L. It was a brilliant morning and Henry and I only had ourselves for company as we didn’t see any other skiers. Well done to Kirsty and Bunny who dealt with the steep slopes really well this morning! Henry had a family with two pretty young children and they were extremely impressed with their environment this morning. Bravo Henry and his team!

Meanwhile Chris, Andreas and Thomas all headed towards Tignes and worked out pretty quickly that there was some great spring snow to be skied so between them they skied the Lognan, Palafour, Tourne, and then some powder in the Sachette before turning to spring snow again towards the bottom. Andreas had a fantastic powder run in the Sachette Couloir so he’s feeling pretty good about the morning and it was an excellent morning for everyone.

I can get a little worked up at this time of the season with brilliant sunshine, adventurous skiing and the satisfaction of knowing you’ve done a good job by finding great skiing for the team and after a top morning I’m buzzing and really looking forward to the Killerbeez tonight! There’s nothing like some serious ‘rock’ to calm a guy down. See you at Le Petit Danois for a 5:30 start! And stay tuned!

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