It doesn't get much better than that!

29 March 2017

After another day of heat yesterday and a sold freeze the spring slopes have really set-up nicely and we had a stunning morning of ‘big-slope’ skiing. Andreas, Thomas and I opened up with the Kern for a change and managed some excellent powder that I wasn’t really looking for, followed by some nice spring snow. Next up was the Super Santons, followed by the Tour du Charvet, a quick L and a fantastic Cugnai before skiing the L gain to finish the morning. The big slopes were in brilliant condition and the tricky skiing on Sunday and Monday has given us a chance to ski some perfectly ‘clean’ spring slopes.

Chris went off to Tignes with Tejina in search of his lost radio that he dropped yesterday. Fortunately it had been handed in an Chris was a happy boy to have found it!

Last night’s Killerbeez gig was absolutely brilliant! It’s the fourth straight week that I’ve seen them and in the first set the only song I’d heard them play before was Bowie’s Lets Dance. It was rocking again and we had a good Alpine crowd with Joe and his family, Johnny Alpine, Jane S, Bunny, the Farrer family, Jean-Pascal, Robert and Kirsty, Alex B, Barnaby and of course Jim. The bad news is that it was their last gig of the season and this news was a real blow as Millie and Katie are looking forward to seeing them. But the good news is that I chatted to the band who were happy to come again next week and then the Hendrik , the owner of Le Petit Danois, and he’s signed them on for another week! Tchenko and I promised we’d round up some people so if you haven’t seen them make sure you come, and if you have watched them before I’m sure you’ll be there anyway!

I must go down to Bourg shopping as the girls arrive Friday night. Stay tuned!

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