Another absolute belter!

30 March 2017

We enjoyed another fabulous day of weather and with it another stunning day of skiing. All the boys ski ‘classics’ around the Charvet and Manchet and it was quite brilliant skiing. Henry, Thomas and I opened with a totally ‘clean’ and perfect Epaule du Charvet (after a little faff off the Borsat while waiting for perfection) while Andreas and Chris went up to ski the Couloir des Pisteurs. Tejina really enjoyed the ‘Pisteurs’ as she had a fall in it many years ago and Chris wanted her to have another go and she responded by performing magnificently! Well done Tejina! Then we all skied an outstanding run in the Tour du Charvet where we ‘sniffed’ out a huge slope of untouched snow followed by variations off the Cugnai and Col de la Madeleine. It was all really quite extraordinary if I say so myself and thoroughly enjoyed by all!

And my day didn’t stop there as I had the pleasure of skiing with an old girl-friend of Tony No-Style’s Claire and Tony’s God-son Jamie. I haven’t seen Claire in years and it was 13-year-old Jamie’s first-ever off-piste session. We met at one because the usual 2 o’clock would be too late for the spring snow and we skied the big slopes off the Col de La Madeleine followed by three runs in the Marmottons back to the Manchet chair. Not too bad for a first go, bravo Jamie!

We’ve another sunny day forecast for tomorrow with perhaps a little lighter freeze but we should be in good shape again tomorrow. We might get a little snow over the weekend but that’s the optimistic forecast on my computer and I’ve no idea where it comes from.

I need to get a move on as I’m preparing the flat for the girls and still have my Valdinet article to write. Stay tuned!

PS Thanks to Suzanne for a great meal last night and it was lovely to see Bridget and Isadora again!

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