I'm running out of things to say!

31 March 2017

After a week in Val d’Isere we thought we’d better go to Tignes for a change of scenery and to mix in a little powder with our spring snow. Andreas, Chris and I opened with a wonderful bottom-half of the Face du Charvet and then we met Henry in Tignes where between us we skied the Lognan, the Palafour Couloir, the Tourne, the Sachette in a great powder/spring combo, Toothy Rock, and the Familial in a powder/spring combo if you can believe that one! (check the first three photos for non-believers!) It was another fantastic day and what a week we’ve had!

I’m off to Lyon tonight to pick up the girls for 17-days of fun and I can hardly wait to see them! I’ll sign off as I’ve loads to do and there isn’t too much more to say about the stunning skiing except that a change of weather is moving in and tomorrow may not be so easy, but we’ll do our best with whatever is thrown at us. Stay tuned!

PS If you like to see yourself on-line check the Valdinet website and the snow report. I post every Monday and Friday with quite a few photos.

PPS I’ve posted a photo of Gunnar and his daughter Emma at the Gourmandine this morning. Gunnar is a regular reader of my diary, thank you Gunnar!

PPPS Suzanne made it out with Chris and Tejina this morning and she features in a photo under the rocks in the Sachette!

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