A long but good day!

01 April 2017

I had a late night last night picking up the girls and with Chris skiing on-piste today with Tejina and Claire and with the rest of the boys off it was a little lonely out there this morning! It was +5C in the village this morning and considering the light freeze the snow held up pretty well today and with gray skies and a punchy wind blowing I didn’t have too many options and headed back to the Sachette. We ended up skiing about 4 powder pitches, which was a bit of a surprise before turning to the sunny-side for the bottom part of the mountain. Kirsty picked up a ‘skier of the day’ award making some really good progress and dealing with whatever came her way. Well done Kirsty, you’ve been brilliant this week!

This afternoon I was out with Tim and his wife Gill for the first of about 10 afternoons in a row. We had decent light up on the Motte and skied some nice winter snow and the afternoon, like the morning, was better than expected.

I passed by Le Petit Danois yesterday afternoon and can confirm that the Killerbeez will be playing again this Tuesday at 5:30! They have quickly become my favourite two-hours of the week and I really look forward to it, and it will be fun to have Gill, Millie and Katie along for the girl’s first taste of live music! Do come along as they are brilliant and Tchenko and I promised to rally the troops as last week was suppose to be their last gig. And if you want to see Dick you won’t find him at the Savoyarde, he’ll be at the Danois!

We should have some snow to play with tomorrow so stay tuned!

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