Who says it doesn't snow anymore?

02 April 2017

It dumped down last night and throughout the day, especially up at the Fornet with the retour de l’est, and for that reason we headed to Tignes. With falling snow the light was pretty flat today with the odd patch of dreaded fog, but we also had moments of pretty good visibility and I took advantage of one and skied the Borsat Nord from the top. Thomas and I had great skiing around the Motte together while Andreas was on-piste today with a private booking. Chris started with us then went up to the Fornet and they opened the Signal Poma late in the morning and he was the second group up behind Herve. It’s very rare for the Signal to open in these conditions but Chris had a great run in the Combe du Signal then left as he didn’t like the behaviour of some skiers in the steep and deep!

I had an excellent afternoon with Tim who comes out every year about this time. We headed to the Motte and back and both decided to download at the end of the afternoon. It’s my 3rd of 11 out-of-12 afternoons so I’ll be a tired boy at the end of this stretch but Millie and my golf memberships will be taken care of!

It was Russell’s last night last night and we had a lovely evening with him. Have a great summer Russell and see you next December!

We’ve some sunshine forecast for the morning so stay tuned as we try to find a quiet corner of the resort somewhere!

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