The Combe doesn't get much better!

03 April 2017

Wow, what a day that was! We had the usual faff waiting for things to open at the Fornet but did mange 4 lower Combe du Signal’s, followed by one run on the Glacier down the 3300, and then we finished off with three Stunning runs in the Combe du Signal from the top. Those three runs were of the highest quality and my team will be pleased with their photos! All the boys were in the neighbourhood and even though we had to endure a little frustration trying to work out when certain lifts would open, the depth and quality of snow made up for it ten-fold!

Gill, Millie and Jean laid some great tracks around the Borsat this morning, nice guiding Jean, while Katie skied with Debs and her girls, and I had a great afternoon working on technique with Steve and Helen. I’m done as I’m running late and we’re meeting friends for drinks at the Baraque.

Stay tuned as the sun is forecast to shine and don’t forget the Killerbeez tomorrow evening, kicking off at 5:30 at Le Petit Danois!

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