A last -second change of plan!

04 April 2017

Photos are up, great day with Millie along, gone to the Killerbeez and report will follow!

Well, what a day that turned out to be! I made a last-second decision while en-route to Tommeuses and went up the Borsat and followed Thomas to Tignes. After a good test for powder off the Mont Blanc piste we had a funky run in the Borsat coming in half-way and playing with exposures, then a run on Wayne’s Shoulder, followed by an excellent run out in the Rosolin where we met up with Thomas and Denis before ‘skinning’ out and skiing the meadows down towards the ‘Wall’, followed by bits and pieces on the way home. I had Millie along today and it was fantastic to have her in the group again and she had a fantastic morning and seems to thoroughly enjoy the ‘skinning’. Meanwhile Chris skied the Little Lavachet en-route to the Sachette and Andreas skied the Sachette as well.

We had another brilliant evening in Le Petit Danois with the Killerbeez, who seem to get better every time I see them. They played a superb Ed Sheeran song for Millie and finished with ‘Johnny Be Good’ for me and the place was rocking! Katie loved the Ed Sheeeran tune as well as Johnny Cash’s Ring Of Fire and she did pretty well for her first live gig! There was a huge ‘Alpine’ turn-out so I can’t even start to list the participants but a special mention goes to Mike who danced the night away representing the older crowd, and to Cassius who didn’t stop in the under-ten category! Well done to you both, you were fun to watch!

I’m not too sure about the weather for tomorrow but we’ll make the best of it. Stay tuned!

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