What a great team effort!

05 April 2017

It was a tough morning today for various reasons. We had difficult weather to deal with today with flat-light and periodic fog patches and Andreas, Thomas, Henry and I all headed for the Sachette, which was definitely the right place to be. The snow was excellent top-to-bottom and although the light was extremely flat we did have vision with the rocks and couloirs and even when it was foggy we could just see enough to navigate without too much stress. My team were first in and unfortunately Jean Marc fell on about his third turn and tore his cruciate ligaments. We were in a bit of trouble as it was too foggy for a helicopter and there was no way the pisteurs could come and help so we were pretty much on our own to get on and deal with it. Fortunately Thomas and Andreas were behind us and they both did a great job helping us out. Thomas took my team and skied them down while Al volunteered to help me ski Jean Marc out. It was his left knee, which was better than it being the right because we did a huge tour of the Sachette on his right leg side-slipping and traversing on the ‘clean’ spring snow on the sunny-side. It was all pretty easy going considering the flat-light and Jean Marc’s condition but we made it back to the piste without incident. Andreas went on ahead and was going to phone the pisteurs to meet us but luckily ran into a pisteur on the piste, which saved a lot of time. Thanks Andreas! The pisteurs took over and took great care of Jean Marc while Al and I skied down and got up with Thomas and my group coming out of the traverse back to Les Boisses. Jean Marc is a lovely man and a real gentleman and I’m so sorry for him. Thankfully his injury took place in great snow, which makes it easier for me to deal with. (We always feel badly when someone gets injured but I’d feel a lot worse if I’d taken him into rubbish snow and he injured himself.) We all wish Jean Marc a full and speedy recovery.

I didn’t get many photos today as I was occupied but there are a few including one of JM and Al as we made our escape.

It cleared up just in time for our afternoons as Andreas, Chris and I were all out working. I had another great session with Helen and Steve who are determined to get off-piste next season.

We’ve five days of sunshine forecast so we’ll perhaps have a powder day tomorrow followed by some brilliant spring skiing. Hopefully people will leave the spring slopes alone tomorrow and ski north, unless of course they’ve already set-up properly but I think they need another day. Stay tuned!

PS And thanks to Al who gave up his skiing this morning to help Jean Marc. You’re a class act Al!

PPS Matt, Ellie and their girls are in town and it was great to see them at the Killerbeez last night!

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