An exceptionally good morning of pristine 'spring'!

07 April 2017

After being patient yesterday we were rewarded with absolutely stunning spring snow today. My team skied the bottom half of the Face du Charvet in pristine conditions, followed by the Kern, a wonderfully ‘clean’ Tour du Charvet where we ran out of now at the bottom and needed to hike up for ten-minutes but we’ll file that away for tomorrow, and a perfect Cugnai. Blimey it was good! Andreas and Henry were in the neighbourhood thoroughly enjoying themselves while Thomas had an initiation to touring and he ‘skinned’ towards the Gros Caval and had some excellent powder up high. Chris was on-piste today and made his way to the Sachette for lunch and back.

I had a great afternoon with Tim and we started at 1 o’clock to take advantage of the spring snow so I had a sandwich on the Solaise lift and we headed straight back to the Cugnai followed by three runs in the Marmottons, on a section that we used to call Hort’s Shoulder. We skied a huge amount pretty quickly and ended up ‘downloading’ to save our tired legs! Great effort Tim!

The girls are having a fantastic time and this weather certainly isn’t too hard to take. More sun is forecast for the next few days so we’ll continue to look for spring snow and we might even need to walk soon as people don’t seem to get ‘snow management’! Stay tuned!

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