A stunning morning followed by a stunning afternoon!

08 April 2017

Wow, what another brilliant day of superb spring skiing with absolutely stunning weather! I had a father-son theme today with Adrian and his son Robbie along with Al and his son Rory. Both lads are 14-years-old and it was their first time off-piste, and what an initiation! We skied the bottom-half of the Face du Charvet in beautiful condition, followed by a very good Kern, then an excellent Tour du Charvet (avoided the hike today!), then a play above the L into the L, then the Cugnai, and a piste blast to finish. It was a fantastic start for the boy’s off-piste careers and the Dad’s were pretty proud of their performance. We also had Gill, Millie, Katie and Cassius follow us on the Charvet and they all loved it, then again on the Tour du Charvet with Jean R. Chris just finished two great weeks with Tejina and Claire and the ladies thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Henry has been skiing with martin M’s family and they’ve had a brilliant week and both Andreas and Thomas were off today.

This afternoon with had a quick picnic then Gill, Millie, Katie, Cassius, and I skied three rotations in superb snow in the Marmottons. Katie and Cassius stayed out and skied the ESF Slalom stade about ten times as it was like prefect spring snow and they were having a wonderful time.

Thanks to Geoff and Inga for a fabulous meal with wonderful wines and Gill and I and the girls really enjoyed ourselves. Thanks again!

More sun is on the way and I’m thoroughly enjoying the skiing and having the girls here to share it. Stay tuned!

And a huge sigh of relief in Hammerland!

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