A massive amount of skiing and great snow!

09 April 2017

We had a slightly lighter freeze overnight but still managed a fabulous morning of spring skiing, and it was quantity with quality! It’s amazing how much terrain you can cover on spring snow and today we skied the bottom-half of the Face du Charvet, the Kern, the Tour du Charvet, the Cugnai, two in the Marmottons, and a Marmottons into the Marmottes to finish! Paul had his son Nicholas skiing with us and Jean was along for the Face and the Tour, while Gill and Katie managed the Face, Tour, and Cugnai before they had to peel out for a picnic date. It was the first time Katie has been along in a morning group and she loved it! It was great to have Stephen Shute along again and Josh had his first-ever ski with ‘Alpine’ this morning. Thomas, Chris and Henry were all in the same area and Andreas is back tomorrow.

Geoff unfortunately needed to leave after one run due to boot problems while I had boot problems of my own. The pin popped out of the back of my boots leaving them in walk-mode, and if you know my boots walk-mode is seriously floppy and unskiable. I dug out my duck tape and wrapped it around about five times and sure enough it did the trick and I managed to finish the morning and felt the flex was pretty good for spring snow! I’ll take them up to Didier and see if he can fix them for the morning, fingers crossed!

I’m off to do the Balcon with Millie while Gill and Katie are out with friends. Stay tuned!

PS I’d love to see Justin Rose or Sergio win the Masters, come on boys!

PPS Millie is loving having a slot in her Dad’s group and I must say it’s fantastic to have her along!

PPPS Andreas has an après-ski gig at the Gourmandine this Wednesday afternoon so come along for a great afternoon of après-ski!

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