A much lighter freeze but great skiing!

10 April 2017

It clouded over late yesterday afternoon and during the early part of the night and the result was a light freeze that went off very quickly this morning. The bottom of the Charvet was excellent, as was the Kern, but we were just in time for the Tour du Charvet, which was about 45-minutes ahead of yesterday’s melt. We then went direct to the Cugnai/Col de la Madeleine and it was pretty good considering how early we were, then my team skied a Marmottons and Marmottons into the Marmottes to finish. Andreas was back in action with Ian and they skied similar runs to us as did Chris . Thomas and Henry had a little ‘skin’ towards the Crete du Genepy before joining us for the Manchet-side of the spring tour.

I met Tim at 12:50 and we went straight up for a run in the Marmottons and we just made it. We skied there until 3:30 a few days back without any trouble and to give you an idea of the difference today it was fragile by 1:20! We then skied a half-run before cutting back to the piste and then the top third before calling it an afternoon. Meanwhile Andreas finished his day up on the Pisaillas.

What a final round of the Masters last night. I haven’t seen a stroke but was hoping for both Garcia and Rose before the start and I’m very pleased with the result. Sergio can now breathe a huge sigh of relief and die a happy man after so many near-misses!

I went for a walk yesterday afternoon with Millie on the Balcon and the people in front of us turned out to be Roddie and Sarah Finlay who showed us the photo of an enormous bouguetin that was about 30 metres from the track. Millie and I walked right passed it as we were looking higher up the mountain thinking no bouguetin in its right mind would be so low and so close to town, and we both take pride in our ‘spotting’ capabilities, but we certainly missed that one!

It’s clouded over again this afternoon and we may have another light freeze with partly cloudy skies in the morning. Bummer because this spring skiing lark has been a lot of fun and the sunshine hasn’t been too hard to take, but we’ll make the most of it tomorrow. Stay tuned!

PS And don’t forget the Killerbeez tomorrow evening at 5:30 at Le Petit Danois, followed by Andreas at the Gourmandine at 4PM on Wednesday!

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