Very fragile but a decent result!

11 April 2017

We had cloud cover during the night and with it a little dusting of snow which insulated the surface and prevented a decent re-freeze, resulting in a tougher day on the mountain with fewer options. Andreas and I started with a quick Kern to test the waters then I followed Chris across the Alti-port, which was excellent, and then down the Little Lavachet, which just worked to the bottom. Then we had a team ski in the Sachette knowing we could escape back to the piste if necessary and we had to cut out early as the freeze disappeared very quickly. With the minimum freeze we were on the edge of ‘quick-snow’ for most of the morning and after the Sachette I thought I was finished for the morning, but after a little test decided to finish the morning with the Alti-port. We came in low to avoid anything steep and had a nice run across the meadows before cutting out at the first bridge. It was a pretty good morning in tough conditions and all the teams enjoyed a change of scenery as we’ve skied the ‘classic’s’ in Val d’Isere the past few days.

Hopefully we’ll get a better freeze tonight and it should be easier again in the morning.

Don’t forget the Killerbeez tonight, 5:30 start at Le Petit Danois. See you there! And Andreas will be playing tomorrow après-ski at the Gourmandine so do come along and bring some friends! Stay tuned!

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