Happy Birthday Gill and go Andreas!

12 April 2017

We had a better overnight freeze and profited with another fantastic morning of spring skiing! My team ‘skinned’ 20-minutes to access some fabulous snow on the Crete du Genepy, followed by a Cugnai, Col de la Madeleine, and Marmottons into the Marmottes to finish. The rest of the boys were in the neighbourhood and we all enjoyed a wonderful morning.

I took Gill for a ‘birthday-ski’ this afternoon along with Millie and Katie and we had a great run in the Marmottons before heading up to the Fornet to have a look. There are too many powder tracks up there but we did have a nice run where we entered the Vallonnet before coming back around past Oh My! onto the spring slopes.

It was another brilliant night at Le Petit Danois last night as the Killerbeez did their thing and it was great fun. I find they just keep getting better and better and after my sixth time they are still playing songs I haven’t heard them play before. Jerry’s wife Sue was there along with Lianne, Olivia, and George and they were bopping and rocking with style and huge smiles on their faces. Well done girls!

I’m in a bit of a hurry as we’re all going to watch Andreas’ gig at the Gourmandine, which starts about 4:15. He’s really good and if you haven’t seen him perform you are in for a treat. Tansy, Ness and Victor will be there and do come along and support Andreas as well as the Gourmandine! See you there! Stay tuned!

PS We won the birthday cake from Chevallot on Radio Val yesterday and it’s absolutely wonderful. Yummm!

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