A stunning morning in Tignes!

13 April 2017

Andreas played a great gig yesterday afternoon at the Gourmandine with his friend Julian, and it was well attended by ‘Alpine’ friends and family, and Francoise and Fab were over the moon with the ambience and draw for the bar. It was Gill’s birthday and we went out to the L’arbre de vie restaurant in the Galerie des Cimes and it was excellent. The food is great and very well priced and everyone was very happy with their meal. Millie had cod, Gill ordered tempura prawns with noodles, Katie had a steak and I had a superb burger with wonderful frites.

As for today’s skiing we had a really good freeze last night that resulted in a superb morning of spring skiing. I headed to Tignes for a change of scenery and skied a nice alti-port/Lavachet into Tignes before skiing three fantastic runs off the Palafours. At this stage Derek said, “best morning of the week”, which is saying a lot because we’ve enjoyed stunning skiing all week! We then ‘skinned’ into the Sachette, which was beautiful top-to-bottom before finishing with a very good Familial. Meanwhile, Chris ‘skinned’ to the Crete du Genepy and then joined the spring tour, Henry was in the neighbourhood, Thomas took the Parker family to the Col de Montet, and Andreas had the day off.

I can tell you two things for free and one is that the traverse out of the Sachette is done, and the bottom of the Familial isn’t the easiest either, but still, both were good fun and character building! Paul managed to fall on top of Millie exiting the Sachette but fortunately both of them were alright, and then Millie fell in the mud coming out of the Familial and arrived home looking like she’d been in a mud-wrestling contest!

We’re off for a family walk on the Balcon and then Millie and I are booked into the golf simulator at 5PM. Stay tuned for more news tomorrow!

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