A lovely cushion of winter snow!

16 April 2017

It rained in the village yesterday afternoon and snowed a little upstairs so the fresh snow insulated the freeze lower down, meaning it was time to head to the highest part of the resort. After a test off the Verte where we found a nice cushion of fresh winter we headed to the Motte and had some fantastic skiing on a nice smooth base with 5 cm’s of powder snow. It made for a change of scenery and although the spring skiing has been absolutely brilliant it was great to have ‘winter’ snow underfoot again! Chris had some new French clients who’d never ‘skinned’ before and they had a fantastic time, and it was another great result when expectations weren’t the highest!

Thomas is off to the Refuge du Prariond with the Bevan family this afternoon and we wish him luck with the weather tomorrow. Hopefully we’ll get some sunshine to warm up the spring slopes as well as give us some decent visibility.

It’s the girls last day of a fantastic 17-day stint that couldn’t have been better. The weather has been brilliant, they’ve had exceptionally good skiing and we’ve managed a lot of off-piste skiing together, especially Millie who skied with me most mornings, we had some great meals, Gill had a wonderful birthday, they had not one but two sessions with the Killerbeez, Andreas’ gig, swimming, they enjoyed quite a few afternoon walks, and I’m going to miss them after dropping them off tomorrow after skiing but fortunately I’ll have less than two weeks before seeing them again!

Stay tuned for more news and photos tomorrow!

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