Unforecasted wall-to-wall sunshine!

17 April 2017

We had a great morning with Andreas and I ‘skinning’ to the Crete du Genepy, followed by a play above the L and then into the L, and a very good Familial with an adventurous exit. Chris went to Tignes while Thomas was up on the Col de la Galise.

I’m off to the airport with the girls and will post today’s photos tonight when I return.

Andreas is playing at the Coin des Amis tomorrow at 5PM and I’ll see him next time around as I’ll be at the Killerbeez at Le Petit Danois at 5:30 with my nephew Wils. I’ve been geeing Wils up about the Beez for ages and he’s really looking forward to it, and it’s their last gig of the season.

Stay tuned!

PS Happy Birthday Richard!

PPS Killerbeez start at 5PM, not 5:30. And the photos are up!

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