Cold but great skiing!

19 April 2017

It was unseasonably cold last night and throughout the day, and although the sun was shining the spring snow didn’t heat up very much. We ended up skiing more northerly slopes in the Lavachet and Sachette, which had a nice texture and grip to them, while avoiding the sunny slopes that were seriously frozen. To give you an idea of the refreeze it was -12C on top of Bellevarde this morning! Anyway, Chris, Andreas and I all had good mornings and I had an adventurous trip out of the Sachette (see photos) to spice things up a little! Jean came along today and it was great to have him back and even though it wasn’t the easiest of morning’s he thoroughly enjoyed himself. Bravo Jean!

Another cold night is forecast and it should be a little warmer tomorrow. I hope so because there is some great spring skiing to be had but we need more heat than we had today!

Andreas and Victor have end-of-season hockey matches tonight so I hope young Victor gets a chance to strut his stuff with his amazing goal celebration. Come on boys!

It was the Killerbeez last session of the season at Le Petit Danois last night and what an evening! The boys played from 5:30 until about 8 o’clock followed by curry for those who wanted to stay and then the band played from 10 until midnight. Thanks to Louise I finally went to see the Killerbeez seven weeks ago and I haven’t missed them play a Tuesday après-ski since. I’ll continue to support them every Tuesday until they stop coming but I’ve a way to go as Tchenko hasn’t missed them in two years! Skiing seven-days-a-week is hard work and just as the season was starting to wear me down a little the band put a spring back in my step and gave me a new energy. After a session I sing to myself for a few days and then start looking forward to the next gig, and taking friends and family to see them is a real pleasure. My nephew Wils came along with his university mates last night and they were dancing up a storm, while Pat and Zoe, and Ricki from Bananas came along as well. It was Penny’s first session as well as David, Mike, Brigitta, Tilly, and Marcela and it’s nice to see so many people coming back every time they’re in town, such as Derek, Adrian, Al, Johnnie Alpine, Adam, Tom, Richard F, Mike, Nick, my French neighbours, Ellie and her family, and Joe to name just a few, as well as great support from the Ski Club members who turn up to watch regularly. And it’s always a pleasure to see Al and all his pals and to watch Jim bop away week after week, and Dick has been seen every week since his first night and may hire the boys to play in the south of France.

Once seen the Killerbeez become a habit. Ben, Paul and Hugo are all brilliant musicians, and great guys who obviously have a passion for their music. They show up week-in-and-week-out and always have smiles on their faces and you can sense how much they enjoy playing not only for the crowd but for each other. I’ve their details and if you’re looking for a band for any sort of party or wedding look no further than the Killerbeez. They are brilliant!

And a big thanks to Hendric and Alice, as well as all the Petit Danois staff for doing a terrific job while putting on such a great show!

Stay tuned!

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