Sunny and cold with great wintery snow!

20 April 2017

We had some promising snowflakes floating about yesterday afternoon and they turned out to add up to enough to make a difference this morning, and with cold temperatures we all decided to ski high and north when possible and give the spring slopes a chance to properly transform. Chris and I headed to the Motte and had a fantastic morning with a couple of little ‘skins’ thrown in, while Andreas went for a big walk to the Col des Barmes de l’Ours. We all had some lovely winter snow mixed in with some spring snow lower down and it was a pretty cracking good morning.

It was Jean’s last day of his season and it was great to have him along and I hope that over the past couple of days he’s gained some confidence in his knee as he dealt well with everything that came his way. Millie was sorry to have missed him as she loves to ski with Jean. Bravo and have a great summer Jean!

After skiing I sat with Adam and Andreas at the Sun Bar and listened to two girls who are featuring on France’s version of ‘The Voice’. One of the girls has worked for the STVI here for several years and the other girl she met at the auditions for the show and they sang beautifully together with fantastic harmonies. (I’ve posted a couple of photos of them performing.)

Another sunny day is forecast for tomorrow with the temperatures starting to rise, which is important to get those hard spring slopes heating up because they have been unseasonably firm!

And thanks to Gill for the heads-up from England about the girls singing at the Sun Bar!

Stay tuned!

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