We thought yesterday we fairly unbeatable but today was even better!

21 January 2009

We thought yesterday we fairly unbeatable but today was even better! It was cold overnight and like yesterday, the skies cleared rapidly and we has stunning sunshine all day long. We had a superb Borsat Nord form high up, which Jean R said was his best ever Borsat, followed by a great Chardonnay, a fantastic Sache, and a lovely Familial to finish. TJ, Chris and I were all in and around the same areas so beautiful ‘Alpine’ tracks stood out in our wake. John and Margaret made me proud today, as did Adrian and Jean R, and we had Mark ski with us for the first time. Hound-Dog, Sandy and Stuart-the-Sea-Captain are back and skiing with TJ while Andreas had a couple of young Australians, Ross and Louis, on an all-day private and he gave them a day to remember. They started with a Face du Charvet where the group behind them set off a slab that carried a skier a short distance, and that always adds to the ambience and sharpens one’s focus. They also skied the Chardonnay and Couloir #3 off the Motte amongst other runs, and finished the day with a Col Pers. Nice one boys! Thomas and Henry were also in action on a really good day of skiing. I spent some time this evening with Millie and Katie rocking to the Rolling Stones, with them bouncing around singing ”I know it’s only rock and roll, but I like it”. Then they went out in the hallway to await Red Ray’s return. Anyway, we should have another sunny day tomorrow with snow forecast off and on for most of next week.

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