Wow, that was fun!

21 April 2017

After a few extremely cold days as far as spring skiing goes the sun had some heat in it again this morning and we had a brilliant morning. Chris and I started with the Crete du Genepy above the little lake, and that was excellent, followed by a wonderful Mont Roup. The plan was to head towards the Arcelle but it look hard and rough so we had a nice run above the L before diving into the L at the bottom. On the way back up the Laisinant I spotted a route down the Danaides into the L, which I haven’t skied in about ten years. I’d forgotten how steep it was up there so we took it cautiously and everyone enjoyed the ambience as much as the skiing. We then went back up for a Super L variation before finishing with a solid piste blast down the L. It was a good mix of skiing for perfect spring snow and skiing hard on the pistes in-between and it was a great finish for those whose season finished today.

Andreas finished off his season up at the Fornet and had lunch at the Edelweiss, which is a nice finishing touch but he’ll be skiing with his family tomorrow as his brother and family are here from Sweden. Well done on another great season Andreas! And to you too Thomas!

I’ve my nephew Wils here tonight for dinner with four of his university friends. They’ve had a fantastic week and I’ll need to watch myself as they’re serious party boys like you are at 19! Wish me luck and stay tuned for another terrific morning of spring skiing news!

PS And a big thank you to Suzanne and Chris for a great evening last night! And it’s very quiet next week and if you’d like to ski Chris and I are here ready, plus my studio is free for any last minute takers!

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