That was outrageously good!

23 April 2017

The skiing has been so good that I skied today on my first day off of the season! Louise and I met up and when I told Millie I was skiing with only Louise this morning she said, “wow, that’s dedication Dad!”, but I wouldn’t have missed this morning as Lou and I could cover some ground and ski as steep as we wanted. Chris decided to join us and the three of us had an absolutely fabulous morning of stunning quality along with jolly good ambience. We ‘skinned’ to the Crete du Genepy for an excellent ‘bonus’ ski en-route to Mont Roup, which just might have been the finest Mont Roup of the season. From there we skied Lou’s first-ever Danaides into the L and it was outstanding as well as very atmospheric. We then had a coffee and croissant on the Tete du Solaise before skiing the Super Arcelle and Marmottons into the Marmottes to finish. It was a morning that needed to be celebrated so the three of us sat at the Clochetons and enjoyed a couple of cold Panache’s each. I only wish Gill, Millie and Katie could have been there to share it with us (the skiing not the beers!) as well as Suzanne who was having a lesson and assessment with Rupert.

Thomas was back in action today with a private client from Kuwait of all places and I’m not too sure what he skied but I know he finished with the Marmottons/Marmottes.

We’ve another sunny day forecast for tomorrow before some snow arrives so stay tuned for more news tomorrow!

PS And a big thank you to John and Margaret for a lovely evening last night!

PPS I had a lovely good-bye drink with Jim tonight at Le Petit Danois. What a great guy and I look forward to seeing Jim again soon!

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