A lovely ski with John and Margaret!

24 April 2017

We had another beautiful day after a good refreeze and I had the pleasure of skiing with John and Margaret on their last day of their season. Louise came along and we skied the Tourne in excellent conditions followed by the Sachette, a funky run off the Aiguille Rouge, and Lou and I skied a funky Familial to finish while John and Margaret downloaded. It was great to get them off-piste again and John said it had been four years since he last skied the Sachette.

Thomas was back in action today with a real band of characters. He had John D, Ian, Joe, Brian, Billy and a couple of others and they’ll have had a fantastic morning as Thomas was heading to where Chris, Louise and I skied yesterday, which was the Crete du Genepy, Mont Roup, Danaides into the L, Super Arcelle and a Marmottons into the Marmottes to finish. (I haven’t spoken to Thomas but I’m pretty sure that is what he skied) Meanwhile Chris and Suzanne left at 6 o’clock this morning to walk up to the Col de la Galise, which is a major production and I haven’t heard a report yet. They are supposed to be coming over for supper tonight so I hope they aren’t too pooped!

The weather is changing tomorrow but with any luck we’ll have a decent morning before a few flakes of snow start to fall. Stay tuned!

PS What a performance from Big Sam and his Palace team! Four weeks ago they were in real trouble with a run of four tough games in a row against Chelsea, Arsenal, Leicester, and Liverpool and they turned around and picked up 10 out of 12 points against all the odds. Bravo Big Sam, it looks like you’ve done it again!

PPS I’ve been corrected by Chris as he and Suzanne went to the Pointe de la Galise not the Col and it’s 3348 metres. Excusez-moi JC! Bravo to you both for a huge effort!

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