Good work Chris and Thomas!

25 April 2017

I enjoyed my first complete day off skis this season, although I was tempted to go for a quick, Crete du Genepy and Mont Roup with Louise, but decided I best get started on preparing to leave early next Tuesday morning. Chris skied the Crete and Mont Roup this morning with some Australian friends while Thomas took his team to the Lores, and bravo to you both for a job well done. I missed it all in a funny way but I do need to get myself organised and will be back skiing for the weekend as Derek’s team will be arriving for their annual wind-up weekend!

I had Chris, Suzanne, Al and Louise over for supper last night and we had a fantastic evening. I was pleased and knew that I had the spices somewhat under control when Chris didn’t spoon Suzi Wan into it and we had some great banter and of course tunes!

I ran into old Jacques in the street a couple of days ago and he was pushing this rather sleek sexy black bike along. We stopped for a chat and I couldn’t believe how light his bike was and guessed it must be worth 3 to 5 thousand euros, but Jacques replied, “12,000!” Yikes, you bikers do take it seriously!

We’ve a day or two of snow coming with clear blue skies for Saturday and Sunday so those of you who are coming out should have a fantastic weekend, and it’s not too late for last-minute decisions if you fancy a final ski of the season. (My studio is free if that helps anyone) It’s always fun so come along if you can! Stay tuned for more news tomorrow!

PS I’m having Killerbeez withdrawals. Bummer!

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