Preparing to leave but skiing tomorrow!

26 April 2017

I didn’t ski for the second day in a row, which are the only two days that I haven’t skied all season, and after spending a lot of time indoors doing paperwork, cleaning, packing and generally getting ready to go I decided to go for a walk on the Balcon. Radio Kenny promised me a window around mid-day and when it appeared I got myself ready and headed up to the Fornet hoping to see some bouquetin. The window closed pretty quickly and for the most part I walked in a fog, which was very atmospheric but the odd patch of sunshine did appear and I had a lovely walk. (See photos) I didn’t see any bouquetin but they may have been hiding in the fog!

This afternoon I started loading up the car then headed to the gym for a light workout. I’m at 68 visits so far and my goal is for 70 during the season so I just might make it, but that depends on outside influences that may be out of my control!

Thanks to Dave, Jim and Ollie for a great evening last night. It’s very much appreciated and I’m looking forward to Monday night already!

I’m skiing again tomorrow so stay tuned for news and photos!

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