Back to winter with a bang!

27 April 2017

After two days off skis I was totally lost this morning as I needed to return home to get my radio and beeper! Doesn’t take too long does it? Anyway, I met Chris and Suzanne along with their friends Jim, Dave and Ollie and we headed off towards the Grande Motte. After a test off the Verte we had five to ten cm’s of fresh snow on a just-supporting base in the Lower Borsat and it was nice to have a soft feel underfoot again. We met up with Adrian and Carol, who I haven’t seen much of since they moved to Tignes and we all headed upstairs to the Motte. It was Ollie’s first real go off-piste (except in spring snow) and we had two excellent runs off the Rosolin, and Ollie did really well even though he couldn’t see all that well. The cable then opened and we enjoyed a superb run from the top in a good 25 to 30 cm’s of fresh winter powder. Meanwhile Thomas was on the Motte as well and he ran into Jean Marc in the cable-car and it was fantastic skiing without anyone else around. Considering it was a flat-light kind of day the visibility was very good except for the odd patch of fog, but it didn’t really hit Chris and I except when we were on piste, but it did affect JM and Thomas out towards the Leisse.

I spent some time in the shop with Jean Marc tonight and it was great to have a chat with him. He’s been skiing with Les R and will be attending Jamie’s wedding tomorrow. Congratulations Jamie and we wish you a fabulous day!

Jean Ribart’s daughter Cathie has been doing some stunning touring with her ski club and the link is below to see the wonderful photos and the fantastic terrain that her team covered. They had a brilliant week of sunshine but I couldn’t imagine dealing with terrain like that in flat-light! Chapeau Cathie! and here is the link, just click!

Snow is forecast during the night and fingers crossed that we get enough vis to operate tomorrow. Stay tuned!

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