Happy Birthday Boys!

28 April 2017

We awoke to grey skies and pretty punchy winds and although the light was flat we did have some windows of good visibility and we made the most of them. Chris, Thomas and I were all in action and we started with some nice warm-up turns off the Verte before skiing the Borsat Nord from the top. The snow was a little wind-touched but it was still good skiing and atmospheric as well. We had such a brilliant day on the Motte yesterday that we returned again today but not much was happening as it was blowing a hoolie and the light was pretty flat so we came back down and skied a run in the Combes des Lanches, which was good enough that we all circled back around for another go. We then took the train back up hoping for better vis but the light was pretty poor so Chris and Thomas had a play off the Cairn while I had a go off the Genepy. On the way home a skied my ‘funky’ Familial, which I thought was the best run of the morning so it was a cracking finish to a great morning in tough conditions.

It was both Paul’s and Thomas’ birthdays today and the mood was pretty buoyant in both camps. Lucky Thomas turned 39 while Paul is celebrating his 60th and we stopped at the end of the morning to have a bottle of champagne, which went down a treat! Happy birthday to you both and many happy returns!

Because of the weather I had my wet-weather camera out today so please excuse the water-spots, which makes the odd photo a little blurry. But the good news is the sun will be shining tomorrow and I’ll have my better camera out again. Stay tuned!

PS Andreas is away in Italy with his family and today was Thomas’ last day of his season. Bravo to you both a job well done! Meanwhile Chris and I still have a few days to go while Jean Marc and Olivier are off to Greenland for three weeks next week. Good luck boys!

PPS And thank you to my neighbour Pierre for a great evening along with Philip and Martine!

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