What a day!

22 January 2009

What a day! All of the Alpine Experience team where ever one decided to go turned up double six.West face of the Borsat and Tour de la Balme for TJ and Wayne. Thomas, Henri and Andreas had initiation groups and what fantastic conditions to be initiated in. Chris had some old faithfuls going up to the Col des Fours as well as a few who have never used touring skis and skins. Well done to the Aussie. In a pristine resort like Val d’Isere and the frenzy into getting ready for the upcoming world championships it almost seems perverse that a small matter like dog faeces really seems to stand out on the beutifull white roads and public footpaths. It seems the owners need to be sent to dog owner schools……… and the local authorities be made aware that perhaps an effort on that front would not go unnoticed.

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