What a finish to another great season!

01 May 2017

As it turned out yesterday’s superb morning turned out to be my final ski of the season! It’s Derek’s anniversary this weekend and with a really rough and tough day forecast for this morning he decided to head home early and spend some time with his lovely wife Marcella. Good call Derek as I’m happy to be tucked up in bed writing this and not going out into the wind and flat-light, and Marcella will appreciate it as well!

Chris is skiing today with his friends Jim, Ollie and Dave and I wish them luck as it resembles a cold stormy day in mid-January out there. Bravo to you all!

Thanks to Derek, Paul, Peter, and Clare for taking care of me socially this weekend. It was really great fun with dinners, lunches, drinks and brilliant banter! It was great to see Pascale and Clive as well and thanks also to Jim, Ollie and Dave for a couple of evenings at their place during the last week.

I thought it was another stunning winter and although we didn’t have as much powder skiing as we’d have liked we did have our moments and the spring skiing over the past 6 to 8 weeks was spectacular! The sun seemed to shine all winter long, which isn’t hard to take and everyone seemed to go home happy this season with better skiing than they were expecting. (Bravo boys for milking the best out of the conditions) I also enjoyed the Killerbeez who got me out of the house and rocking again!

Stay tuned for periodic updates during the summer and thanks to all our clients for coming out and making ‘Alpine’ what it is!

PS Chris telephoned at 10 o’clock to say that, “anyone not skiing is a pussy!” I did offer to go with him this morning for some support so I’m not including myself in the ‘pussy’ category although I must say I’m happy to be at home getting sorted for my long drive tomorrow. Anyway, well done JC along with Ollie, Louise and Suzanne while Jim and Dave have been branded ‘pussies’! Mind you Dave has a curry feast to prepare for tonight, go Dave, I’m looking forward to it!

PPS I still can’t send emails but can collect them so I’m not ignoring you. Sorry if you’ve been waiting for a reply!

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