Thanks to Ray I seem to be back on-line........

23 January 2009

Thanks to Ray I seem to be back on-line but I’ve lost my e-mail address book, which I’ll re-build as I receive your e-mails. In the meantime I don’t have your address! Now on to today and it snowed 5 to 10 cm’s overnight and continued to snow throughout the day. The snow/rain limit was close to 1850metres and we narrowly escaped rain today although the snow was very wet. The avalanche risk was 4/5 so we took it easy, especially after hearing of several avalanches over the past two days in which skiers were buried. We had some nice skiing on-piste but as soon as it was tracked it became quite unpleasant and by the end of the morning we were happy to get down and TJ and I were lucky to have returned from Tignes as the lifts were closing down behind us due to increasing wind velocity. (Chris returned in style in a YSE Land Rover.) Sounds a bit like a tough day doesn’t it? We did manage a good Glattier but it won’t go down as the best morning of the season. Heavy snow is forecast tonight and who knows what tomorrow will bring?

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