Oops, 1st August gone. Wayne’s diary blank……

02 August 2017

Oops, 1st August gone. Wayne’s diary blank…… Well here are a few tit bits to keep the page alive awaiting Wayne’s return from Canada.
Where do I start? Alpine Experience is working on a new simplified website with more photos and beter focus on just what we do and also that the site is easily rendered on smartphones etc. Wayne is doing the English version and Olivier and Jean Marc will do the French. The new site is an inspiration from Olivier. Looking forward to being live. Also a big thankyou to Tim and Josie Allen who designed all our sites. Also to Anthony Booth who is designing our new site. There are other websites that are very good for other information. Search engines do a brilliant job at finding the information needed.
Have you looked at the Grand Motte web cam and seen the state of the glacier On that note Val d’Isère has done some very serious work on focusing on snowmaking. A new dedicated water mains pipe running from Le Fornet to a centralised snowmaking “factory” in Val d’Isere. As to building there are a multitude of cranes particularly situated from Jean Sports towards the Gendarmerie on the main road. A new car park between La Daille and Val d’Isère. Next year work will start from Dicks T bar to the bus station lasting several years. The future looks bright for Val d’Isère and Tignes.
Now on a more serious matter, can one have a bad tune on ones skis? Definitely! To the point a ski will not sideslip, pivot and turn. No it is not your fault. Personally I like my skis to have no structure and have a ski tuned like as if they were brand new. The reason to structure a ski is to break up any suction caused by the wetness of the snow particularly in the spring. The other side of the coin is that structure, are tiny ordered and patterned “scratches” on the base of the ski that can make a ski difficult to sideslip and pivot. Also you can help yourself by “hot” waxing your skis using an iron. There are video clips on YouTube to show you how. Wayne and myself wax our skis several times a week. Basically the base of the skis is porous and also in no simple terms can and do “rust” in other words oxidise. Also every time you get your skis tuned the machines tend to dry out the base of the ski. Yes the skis are hot waxed but not ironed in. That is where a real hot wax takes over. Why the shops do not iron in the wax as it is very time consuming. What hot waxing does is over time will impregnate and make the base denser, more resistant to wear and will give you a fast ski and make our job of turning easier and more enjoyable. Do it if you can!
Skis and the like. Using a ski suited to your ability, skill level, physical strength and fitness is out there for you somewhere. If you are in to touring and skiing with us around the area with short skinning trips a ski that is not massive and light is better. A ski that is not ridiculously wide (being the width under the foot) and heavy is your friend. If you are unsure ask and do some research. Also although you may rarely use them get and carry couteaux. It’s not being wimpish to have them. And will be your best friend when the conditions require. Also make sure your skins are a perfect fit and learn how to put the skins on your skis so not to have a skin blowout where you do not need it. Also make sure that if you use and have the skins that have glue make sure the glue is in good condition or have them reglued. There are skins that have no glue but feel like they have glue and not to be confused with skins that have glue. In any case make sure that there is no moisture when you put the skins on. In very cold weather one can keep the skins warm keeping them inside your jacket so that they will adhere well. And also practice uphill kick turns required for steeper terrain. For most part scissor step turns will do as long as the terrain is not steep. And also despite modern and helpful kit, there is no substitute to good preparation and working on good technique. Always, basics, basics and more basics……a good foundation. Ski boots…. There is now absolutely no reason why not to have touring boots or crossover boots with vibram soles and lets one walk with ease. There is no need to have a full race boot. Touring boots when well fitted like any other boot will be perfect. Take care and look forward to our new winter. As to Jean Marc Pic and Olivier Carrere winter continues by changing hemispheres. Very easily done nowadays. Here from Normandy and a very wet day under canvas, signing off for and on behalf of Wayne who is presently in Calgary. JC.

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