It's back to school!

03 September 2017

I don’t seem to be able to find the time to sit down and write about our brilliant trip to Canada or our lovely family-week in Greece. Both trips were fantastic with wonderful weather and the photos pretty much tell it all.

Millie and I have been playing loads of golf, especially Millie who has had some inter-club matches and a Surrey Girls County Golf day today to go along with her outings with her good old dad, and Katie has been spending time on her trampoline working on new skills.

Although Katie’s birthday was August 21st we’re having her party this afternoon and she and Gill are busy making a chocolate-and-pomegranate-gravity-defying-cake. Now that should be interesting and if it comes off I’ll post a photo or two!

If you know your dates don’t hesitate to book, especially at Christmas as spaces are going quickly.

And Gill thought Adrian’s Facebook post about the wife who cut off her husband’s willy because he spent too much time at the golf course was hilarious!

Stay tuned for more frequent news as the new season is starting to creep up on us!

PS I can’t believe the girls summer holidays are just about over. They have an inset day tomorrow and are going to Thorpe Park before heading back to school on Tuesday.

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