After wind gusts of 170kph last night........

24 January 2009

After wind gusts of 170kph last night, 5/5 avalanche risk, the road to the Fornet being closed, and all the snow that has fallen over the past thirty-six hours, I never expected a ‘maximum-turn’ morning. We were on the first Les Etroits chair at La Daille and skied three great runs on-piste with 20 cm’s of light powder snow. That was followed up with being on the first Funival for two runs before four Bonnevie drags and one under the Mont Blanc chair en route to the bottom. TJ and I took Chris’ clients with us as Chris was snowed in and couldn’t make it to the Rond Point. Bad luck JC! And to top off a really unexpectedly wonderful morning was the fact that my new boots were absolutely brilliant. Wilkie from Sure Foot put an injection into my new touring boots and the difference is truly incredible. Instead of being sloppy and unresponsive I now have heel retention and precision and I’m kicking myself for not going back to injections years ago. Thanks Wilkie! Anyway, -10C is forecast tonight with good visibility for tomorrow. Rock’ on!

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