Captain's Day Drive-In !

23 October 2017

We had a fantastic day at the golf course yesterday as it was the Bramley Golf Club’s Captain’s Drive-In, where this year’s new captains drive-in and last year’s captain’s putt out. The day started with a Florida Scramble with teams of six players and our team consisted of Millie, and her junior friends Daisy (this year’s vice-girls captain) and Sophie (last year’s girls captain), Sophie’s Mum Jo, Daisy’s Dad Steve, and me. We did very well on the day with six birdies and it was relaxed but competitive, and seriously good fun!

During the morning’s event Millie was a little nervous as she thought ahead to her drive-in, where she’d hit two drives in front of about 150 people who were standing on the terrace beside the 16th tee. She has never teed-off in front of that many people before and there was a sweepstake for the distance of the Men’s, Ladies’, and Junior’s drives so poor Millie’s legs were shaking as she stepped up to tee-off. Gill and Katie were there to support her as Millie teed it up, lined up her drive like a real pro and then absolutely thumped it up the middle of the fairway to a loud round of applause! She was incredibly relieved and then belted her second shot down the middle as well and her first and slightly longer drive was measured at 200 yards! Considering the atmospheric conditions at the moment and wet fairways it was a very impressive drive, and the Men’s Captain’s drive was 231 yards to give you an idea.

Jack Sutherland, Millie’s Junior partner in mixed competitions, drove-in as boy’s captain and smoked one 279 yards, which is an incredible strike, and Marianne Plaskett drove-in with 131 yards as the new Ladies Captain.

We then had a nice BBQ lunch in the Clubhouse and my friend Paul Sutherland, who is the new Club Captain, gave a great speech and introduced his charity, which is Kids Kidney Research, and Marianne gave a witty speech as well.

It was a really great day out and I’ve posted some photos.

Stay tuned and keep those bookings rolling in!

PS Check out Henry’s link for times, dates and locations on his UK tour that kick’s off on Saturday.

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