Looking good!

12 November 2017

I don’t want to jinx us but conditions according to the webcams are looking pretty jolly good for this time of year! More snow is forecast for Monday and if it stays cold enough to use the snow cannons we could be in for a stellar opening weekend.

It’s quite incredible how quickly my life will change now as I’ve another ten-days or so with the girls and just enough time to finish up my household chores and get in a few more rounds of golf, then presto, I’ll be jumping into the car, cranking up my music and driving towards another winter. I don’t really think too much about it now but the moment I start driving it’s like flicking a switch and it will be full steam ahead and it doesn’t take long to appreciate how lucky I am to be able to spend so much time doing something that I seem to love more and more as the years roll by. But that’s enough of that!

Gill is still in Toulouse and Millie had a lovely round of golf this morning with her friends Daisy and Sophie, accompanied by Mark Allison who coached the girls for several years. He’s a wonderful coach and has had a lot to do with Millie’s love of golf, and today was a ‘good-bye’ session as Mark is moving back to South Africa. We’ll all miss Mark but thank goodness for James Johnson who is now taken over the girls coaching duties (and mine) and has softened the blow. James is a great young coach and the juniors absolutely love him as well, and some of you may meet James this winter when he comes to visit. Unfortunately James bats for the ‘dark’ side but I’m not going to hold that against him! (I’ve posted a couple of photos)

The daily updates will start November 25 with the opening day of the season! Stay tuned!

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