The Killerbeez!

20 November 2017

I’ve some bad news as Tilly informs me that Ben (the Beez bass player) isn’t coming back to the Alps this winter so the Killerbeez as we know them won’t be playing this winter. What a bummer! But, the good news is that Hugo and Paul will be playing together on Thursday nights at Le Petit Danois so all is not lost! I’m not sure if they have a new bass player or are playing but even if it’s just the two of them I’ll be happy.

I played my last nine holes of golf today and finished with a nice par putt to sign off for this season. Millie will be playing regularly during the winter and has really turned a corner lately with her rapidly improving game, and I’ll be escorting Katie to Aerial Hoop followed by her gymnastics club tomorrow before packing the car on Wednesday for a 4AM departure Thursday morning, and Gill and I are taking the girls out to dinner tonight to our local pub, which has been renovated and now serves some fantastic food. I’m cramming it in now and stay tuned as the daily diary will be starting on Thursday!

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