Off and running!

25 November 2017

I arrived Thursday afternoon after a good drive and spent Friday doing some pressing paperwork, unpacking, getting organised, getting some new boots, and then going to the gym for my first session, followed by a great evening at Johnnie Alpine’s eating curry and watching a promising Hammers display in a 1-1 draw with Leicester. Thanks John!

And moving on to the opening day of the season! Andreas, Thomas and I met at the Rond Point and it was great to see the boys. Andreas and Thomas are skiing with the Gladman team while I was skiing with John and Richard Finlay and we all headed out to start the new season. It was raining lightly in town with wet snow further up the mountain and with the flat-light and lack of a trustworthy snow-cover skiing off-piste really wasn’t an option. I had a great morning with the boys as we found our legs while working on some technique and as the morning wore on the temperature started to drop resulting in bigger snowflakes and a nice cushion of snow that will help for tomorrow. It was a pretty good opening day and with some visibility forecast for tomorrow we may be able to test the waters off-piste.

There is less snow than I’d anticipated but it did snow nicely today and with any luck we’ll get some more before tomorrow morning. It was forecast to snow most of next week but it now looks as if we’ll get less snow than we’d expected a few days back. The good news is that it will be cold enough to keep the snow cannons going! We can ski to the bottom and the link to Tignes is open but many of the pistes are fairly narrow and some more man-made snow to widen the main runs would be a great help. Still, it could be a lot worse! Stay tuned!

PS I forgot my camera this morning so no photos, sorry!

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