After a cold night the sun was out this morning.........

25 January 2009

After a cold night the sun was out this morning and with high avalanche risk we took it easy and enjoyed a great ski. With a slow opening looming we headed towards Tignes and Andreas and I had wonderful snow in the Familial, the Borsat, and the Combe des Lanches to mention a few, while Henry was in the same sector and Thomas is working with a private group. I saw some lovely tracks left by TJ’s team in the Campanules before he headed up to the Motte to ski some excellent snow off the Leisse. Chris had the day off but is back in action tomorrow and JM and Olivier have arrived for a week of touring using the Chalet Colinn as their base. Gill took Millie for a good ski this afternoon while I had Katie on the rope but her favourite part of the afternoon was riding down in the front of the Funival. There have been too many accidents over the past four or five days with skiers and boarders being buried. One in particular was due to incredible stupidity when two boarders ventured off the Face du Bellevarde late in the day and were taken in a big slide. One was hospitalised with broken ribs, a punctured lung and other internal injuries. The other was involved in a fatal avalanche around ten years ago in similar conditions and you’d think that people involved in such tragedy would eventually learn something. It really is a time for caution and as JM always says, “the mountain will be there tomorrow”. Flat light is forecast for tomorrow. Bummer!

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