That was more like it!!!

26 November 2017

After persevering in flat-light and wind yesterday we were rewarded with some sunshine today, and the visibility made a world of difference. (Nothing new there!) It was a chilly -16C on the summit of Bellevarde first thing and it was cold enough to want to stay in the sunshine, and fortunately the sun shone all-morning long in the Bellevarde sector. I had a wonderful morning with Johnnie Alpine and Richard F skiing stunning snow around Bonnvie’s. Very few lifts are open so we needed to access our stash via Tommeuses and we had it to ourselves for most of the morning but once people saw our tracks it did become skid-out by the end of the morning. Meanwhile Andreas and Thomas skied the upper section of the Familial before skiing the Lower Chardonnet, and they finished up sniffing their way down the Lower Familial to exit via the first bridge. Well done boys!

It was a cracking morning and the team did a great job as there really aren’t a lot of options at the moment. The snow-cover is very thin so there are rocks lurking and choice of terrain is crucial. There are gullies that work, wind-drifts that support, slopes with grass underneath but the critical factor is the sun because without great visibility the pistes become the only option. Fortunately the snow cannons are blowing non-stop so the piste skiing will improve each day and it won’t be long until the piste skiing is brilliant, which is always a huge help when the ‘piste’ option is needed.

A sunny day is forecast for tomorrow and then we have a chance of some much needed snow during the week ahead so fingers crossed, but today was pretty jolly good and everyone went home happy! (See photos) Stay tuned!

PS Thanks for a great meal again last night John and a very entertaining 1-1 draw between Liverpool and Chelsea.

PPS Come on you Stamperders as Calgary play Toronto in tge Grey Cup later today!

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