Welcome back Derek!

27 November 2017

Derek has arrived and opened his season this morning and he and I had a cracking ski. We started off warming-up trying to get the last dregs off Bonnevie’s Drag and after booting up for a few metres the heel piece on one binding broke and it was a two-man job getting my ski back on, but once on I had to keep it on for the rest of the morning, That meant no buses, no trains and staying on my feet but we managed to finish the morning without any complications. After a Piste H into Val Claret we had a fantastic run on the Lognan picking our way down through little gullies and meadows that worked quite nicely. That gave us the confidence to try the Campanules, which was pretty good as well but a touch trickier to exit, then we finished with a Familial down to the first big bridge. It was a great start to Derek’s season and with these conditions sunshine is essential to try anything off-piste, and a small team doesn’t hurt either as the strips of good snow aren’t that wide in places.

Thomas’ team skied the Lower Chardonnet before ‘skinning’ up to the Grapillon des Merles for the first serious ‘skin’ of the season. (The Aiguille Percee sector is still closed so the only way to ski anything in that direction is to walk) Thomas said the snow was slightly ‘touched’ but still great skiing and they had a very satisfying morning.

I’m off to Jean Sport to get my bindings fixed then heading down to Bourg. Stay tuned for more news and photos tomorrow!

PS We missed you today John and Richard.

PPS A massive Happy Birthday to Wils and Rosie, and if you want to watch some stunning NFL highlights go to nfl.com and click on the Green Bay Packers v Pittsburg Steelers game. Brilliant!

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