Much better than expected!

28 November 2017

The forecast was for a grey overcast day but we awoke to blue skies and Radio Val announcing that clouds were on the way. Pascale joined Derek and I this morning and thinking the clouds were on their way we hung around the Fontaine Froide to take advantage of the sun and enjoyed five really good runs in narrow strips of powder and creamy compressed snow. (see photos) We then headed to Tignes for a change of scenery and towards darker skies and had two excellent piste blasts on the Piste H, which is significantly better that it was a couple of days ago. From there we finished off a lovely with a very good Familial and exited via the bridge.

We spotted a rather confused looking chamois under the Fontaine Froide chair and it’s rare to see chamois so close to town in that area. After working out that the ski season has started I’m sure he’ll find his friends further over the back of the Charvet. The poor thing looked lonely!

Didier at Jean Sports replaced both my heel pieces for me yesterday and he mentioned that he’s had problems with a few pairs of the Dynafit pin bindings last season so stop by the shop and have yours checked if you’re worried about them. Thanks Didier, and thanks also for a great service as my skis were perfect this morning!

Clouds are forecast for tomorrow with a chance of light snow on Thursday and Friday so fingers crossed that we have some sun tomorrow followed by snow. A grey day without snow isn’t that appetizing but today was certainly much better than forecast. Stay tuned!

PS I’m having trouble loading today’s photos. Hopefully it will be sorted later on.

PPS I’m having absolutely no luck with the photos. I’ve managed to post 1 of 15 but that’s it. Hopefully it is a tempory problem and not one that will shut me down for a while photo-wise. Fingers crossed!

PPPS I’ve finally manged to upload a few photos!

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