A new Wintersteiger at Jean Sports!!!

30 November 2017

It was jolly cold this morning with -18C on the top of the Olymipque and it felt colder than the past few days. Fortunately there wasn’t much wind so that helped enormously because it the wind had of been blowing it would have been a bitter day.

A few centimetres of fresh snow fell overnight but the piste skiing wasn’t a patch on yesterday’s as everything was pisted much later and there really was not much of a cushion underfoot to leave tracks in. Still, Derek and I skied a mix of piste with off-piste as it was brighter this morning and we had decent visibility for most of the morning.

Derek had some bad luck yesterday when on the last run of the morning his ski just popped off while cruising the Verte piste just before the tunnel. I heard him hit the deck and stopped immediately to see Derek had piled in and looked to be in some pain. As it turned out he landed on his metal water bottle and put a significant dent in it, and he’s lucky he didn’t do himself some serious damage. (See photos) Derek showed up this morning nursing sore ribs and he didn’t have much luck skiing this morning either. If there was a rock to be found he found it so eventually we called it a morning around noon to save ourselves for Peter and Paul who arrive this evening. Better luck tomorrow Derek, I felt bad about the ‘hits’ you took today!

Speaking of arrivals, Chris and Suzanne should show up sometime today, Pietro is arriving any minute now, and Jean Marc will be here tomorrow to start a touring week on Sunday. Andreas is back today after spending a couple of days in Paris watching a concert and Thomas will be back in action on Sunday as he’s helping JM since Olivier is away. Henry has just returned from his HAT tour of the UK so we’re a pretty full team for the week ahead.

We really need some snow now as the snow-cover off-piste is very thin and although it has tried to snow the past couple of days very little snow has fallen. Meteo France doesn’t forecast any significant snow although if you look hard enough you can find slightly more optimistic forecasts, although it doesn’t feel like a big snowfall is around the corner.

Thanks for a great curry last night John, but what a shame the Hammers were so badly beaten. It doesn’t look good in Hammerland!

PS I have some great news as Didier has bought a new Wintersteiger and my service the other day was absolutely brilliant. Thanks Didier but it’s a shame I trashed my skis after just two days!

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