Welcome back boys!

01 December 2017

Peter C and Paul W kicked off their season’s today, and Derek and I also had the pleasure of Pietro’s company this morning. It was forecast for grey skies and flat-light with light snow but we had some excellent visibility early on and managed to get off-piste for a Familial followed by the Upper Banane into the Fontaine Froide. The skies then darkened considerably so we had a couple of piste blasts down the Piste H before finishing with some soft snow on Bonnevie’s Drag and under the Folie Douce. (I’m wondering if the only other tracks on Bonnevie’s were Johnnie Alpine’s or Richard F’s?)

It was -18C on the summit of Tommeuses this morning but fortunately there wasn’t any wind to speak so it wasn’t too bad, although we were a little chilly after our piste blasts where one creates their own wind-chill factor. I must say that the snow cannons are starting to make a real difference and the quality of the pistes today were significantly better than yesterday, and great pistes help enormously when the off-piste isn’t as much of an option as we’d like.

Depending on what forecast you look at we’ve snow on the way for tomorrow, although Meteo France calls for partly sunny skies. Considering it is suppose to be snowing right now I’m not too sure how optimistic I can get, and I am usually pretty optimistic by nature. Fingers crossed for some snow and stay tuned!

PS On a really positive note there are rumours in town this evening of a retour de l’est brewing, and if it happens we could see 60cm’s of snow up at the Fornet in the next 36-hour,s and that would seriously change our landscape and kick-start our season!

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