You've got to love this place!

02 December 2017

Radio Val painted a pretty bleak picture this morning with grey skies, flat-light, winds gusting to 70km/h and no new snow to speak of. Expectations were low this morning at the Gourmandine but with Maeve and Adrian back to ski with Pietro, and Tilly arriving for her first morning, we all headed out to make the best of it. As is often the case on ‘low-expectation’ mornings it was much better than any of us had imagined as the wind was much calmer than expected and wasn’t really a factor, the sky was much brighter than anticipated giving us some off-piste options, and the snow both on and off-piste was excellent. We skied some perfectly groomed pistes and I must say the texture today was remarkably better than yesterday, and we had some nice skiing in the Familial, several runs off the Fontaine Froide and a little play off the Grand Pres. Pickings are slim but we made the most of it today and Tilly kept our spirits up as she seemed to laugh most of the morning!

It was socked-in all day up at the Fornet so with any luck we’ll be getting some snow up there and it would be nice to head up that way tomorrow if the visibility allows. It’s incredibly rare to have skied 8-days at this time of year and not made a trip to the Fornet. Normally we’d be up there every day and it just shows how great of resort we have because there is always an option, and every sector plays its part at some time during the season. All you Val d’Isere apartment owners have every reason to feel smug! Stay tuned for more news tomorrow!

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