Finally some sunshine!

03 December 2017

The sun was out in full force today and what a wonderful change from the flat-light we’ve experienced over the past few days. We had an Alpine reunion at the Gourmandine this morning as Jean Marc arrived along with Pietro, Chris, Andreas, Thomas and I and it was great to see all the boys together. The only ones missing were TJ and Olivier but it’s rare that we have so many of us in the resort together at the same time. (Olivier couldn’t make it so Thomas is helping out JM with their touring week.)

It was cold again this morning and as much as we’d like to check out the Fornet we all decided to head towards Tignes to ski in the sun while knowing we had some options. It was Doug’s first morning so after a piste cruise to Tommeuses to warm up we dove into the Campanules, along with Andreas and Chris. It was a little ‘scratchy here-and-there but for the most part was pretty jolly good and a proper off-piste start to the morning. Andreas and Chris continued on to the Chardonnet where the couloir was nicely filled in with good powder below while I skied the Lognan with my team. From there I met up with Jean Marc and Thomas and we skied the Genepy off the Motte, which I thought was excellent. It’s like the moon up there and the terrain is almost unrecognisable as it has been changing drastically from year to year so it took some ‘sniffing’ about to arrive at the slopes that we wanted.You certainly wouldn’t want to venture out there in flat-light as there are terrain traps everywhere. Andreas and Chris came down as well and by the time we arrived at the bottom it was pretty much time to head for home via the piste to finish off a cracking good morning. (See photos)

Thanks to Johnnie Alpine for a stunning curry last night, and what a football match between Arsenal and Man U. I’m not too sure how United won but what a game. Thanks John!

Good luck to Millie on her golf today and have fun at your Christmas party, and get well soon Katie.

The sun is forecast to shine for the next few days so the only snow that we will see is that of the man-made variety. The piste skiing is improving daily as the snow cannons are working constantly. Stay tune for more news tomorrow! (I’m not even going to mention the Hammers!)

PS Andreas is having a lovely family ski with Tansy, Ness and Victor, and it was great to see Frans back this morning after missing last season through injury and surgery. Also welcome back to Jerry, Craig, Penny and Richard who started their off-piste seasons today.

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