A good adventure at the Fornet!

04 December 2017

I decided that after ten days of skiing it was time to go to the Fornet and test the waters, for better or for worse. It wasn’t looking all that promising as I’ve never seen so little snow on the Pissaillas Glacier at this time of year ever! (Check photos, it looks like the moon!) Anyway, I like a challenge and we managed to ‘sniff’ out some very good strips of snow and the team of Jerry, Penny and Richard did the business as we needed to stay light and controlled because the snow-pack is extremely thin. After a couple of runs towards the Combe du Geant Jerry needed to head down to catch a flight and the rest of us decided to have a go in the Combe du 3300 and ‘skin’ out. The snow was excellent but again extreme caution was needed in choosing our line and the actual skiing itself and well done to everyone involved this morning. Pietro is skiing with Maeve and Adrian and he had a go at the Fornet as well and I’m not too sure what JM and Thomas did with their touring groups.

All neutral Premiership football fans were cheering for the Hammers yesterday as everyone but City fans are hoping someone can slow City down. That’s three games in a row that they’ve scored a late winner and instead of 3 points during those games they managed 9 and it’s almost over. Well done West Ham, it was a positive performance under the circumstances!

Stay tuned for another sunny day tomorrow!

PS It will take a load of snow to get the T-Bar running up at the Fornet. The dips on the T-Bar line are so pronounced that the cable is so high that the cord with the t-bar will never reach the ground. There are also rocks showing on the exposed humps and without a significant snowfall the t-bar will remained closed for the foreseeable future. And it was lovely to have Pat Woo over for dinner last night with Chris and Pietro. We look forward to seeing you again soon Pat!

PPS And a very happy birthday to Suzanne!

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