Limited but great skiing!

05 December 2017

We are in a desperate need of snow, which is forecast to arrive on Friday and continue through next week, but in the meantime I’m enjoying the stunning sunshine and the optimal visibility that goes with it. The skiing has been limited but we’ve manage really good skiing every morning and for the conditions and what’s available I’d go as far to say that the skiing has been excellent. JM and Thomas were touring over the Col du Palet, I’m not too sure what Pietro skied, and Chris and I had a great mix of piste cruising with some jolly good skiing in the Chardonnet and the lower Tourne off the Grand Huit, then a scratchy run off the Chaudannes, which was ski-able but my worst turns of the season, then a good run in the Campanules and a Familial to finish. (See photos) It was another great morning and we’ve two more sunny days to go before the snow should arrive. Fingers crossed!

We’d like to wish Tansy a big happy birthday and a belated happy birthday to Suzanne for yesterday. Have a great time girls and enjoy being fussed over!

I had my skis tuned again at Jean Sport last night and I must say that the new Wintersteiger is fantastic. It’s my second service of the season so far and both of them have been absolutely perfect, and I haven’t even touched the tips and tails. Brilliant and thanks to the boys in the shop!

If you want to watch some American Football highlights check out the Steelers v Bengals on They have a huge rivalry with no love lost and it’s an extremely hard hitting game. Warning: It’s not for the faint hearted!

Stay tuned for more news tomorrow!

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